Rules & Regulations

This is a GRADE BASED Tournament

The official playing rules will be the national federation of state high school rules for the current year as modified by AAU (Stopped clock).


5th Grade ‐ 14 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime  28.5 Ball

6th Grade ‐ 16 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime 28.5 Ball

7th Grade ‐ 16 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime  29.5 Ball

8th Grade ‐ 16 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime  29.5 Ball

9th Grade ‐ 16 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime 29.5 Ball

10th Grade ‐ 16 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime 29.5 Ball

11th Grade ‐ 16 minute Halves, 3 minutes overtime 29.5 Ball

The game time will also be the forfeit time. No grace period will be allowed


Teams ahead by 20 or more points in the game will result in a running clock.

If the lead drops below 20 points normal rules (stopped clock) will resume.

4 timeouts total per game—2 full timeouts and 2 thirty‐second timeout.

3 minute halftime.

4‐minute warm‐up between games.

3 minute overtime

1 30‐second timeout in overtime with no carryovers

A player fouls out on his 5th personal foul.

A team reaches 1‐and‐1 bonus on the 7th team foul of each half 2‐shot bonus on the 10th of each half

Team listed on left and top of bracket is home and wears light color. Bring both colors to game in case a team does not have extra uniforms.

Two technical’s result in automatic ejection from the game. Please respect the officials.

Top two teams from each pool advance to the championship bracket in 4 team pool format.

No balls will be provide for warm‐ups or game, please bring your own basketballs.

The home team must keep the official book in every game. The visiting team may also have a representative at the scorer’s table.

Players must be dressed in game uniforms for playing site entry

Seeding from each pool will be determined by win‐loss record in pool play. In case of ties, head‐to‐head competition

determines seed. If 3 teams are tied, a point system comes into effect. There is a maximum of +15 for a win in pool and

–15 for a loss in pool. All games in pool are included in figuring point system. In case teams are still tied, the least total

points allowed in pool play will determine the higher seed. In case there is still a tie, a coin toss will determine seeding.

At the end of pool play, check brackets at your gym or at Headquarters for seeding as you might play within a few hours.

Please check with the gym you are playing in to verify any bracket times and locations. You are responsible for knowing where and when your team plays. You can always ask the gym supervisor to check for you at the gym where you finish pool play. If you do not arrive at your scheduled bracket game on time, it will be a forfeit.

A player can only play on one team within your same age division. Any player abusing this rule could possibly disqualify both teams. Do not abuse this rule.

Officials’ call is the final call.

We will present team trophies to all teams for 1st & 2nd place in each division’s championship!